Donor Family Tribute

Click here to see the 2021 Donor Family Tribute!

Each year, across the country, thousands of men, women and children receive a renewed opportunity for life and good health because someone made the decision to donate. We honor, celebrate and recognize donor families and their loved ones for their enormous faith, generosity and courage during our annual Donor Family Tribute ceremonies.

What is a Donor Family Tribute?

Our Donor Family Tribute is an opportunity to honor and remember all those who have said "Yes" to organ and tissue donation. You will hear words from grateful recipient speakers and HonorBridge staff. There will also be an opportunity for you to view the donor tribute slideshow and donor quilts.

Our Donor Family Tribute took place on Sunday, October 17. We are proud to have honored the generous and inspiring individuals who have said “Yes” to organ and tissue donation.

Register to attend by clicking here or by contacting a Family Resource Specialist at 800-200-2672.

Create Your Quilt Square

Each year donor families are invited to prepare a quilt square in honor of their loved one. Your quilt square, combined with those of other donor families, will be assembled to make a donor family quilt. These quilts are displayed at memorial services, special events and educational programs across North Carolina. If you would like for your loved one's quilt square to be included in our next quilts to be created in 2022, please mail it to our office.

Learn more about how to create your quilt square.


The Donor Tribute Slideshow

Each donor family is invited to send in a photo of their loved one to be included in the donor tribute slideshow. This is a special way to remember those who gave such a special gift to others. Please make sure the photo is of high quality (any size from 3x5 inches to 8x10 inches) so it will be visible during the slideshow.

The photo submission deadline has passed.