Tony's Story

Caring, loyal, loving, and giving were the words Tony Wicker’s mom, Josephine, used to describe her only son. Tony had designated his decision to be a donor on his driver's license. When he got his license, Tony talked about being a donor saying, “That after I die, please share my organs and tissues.” He held the philosophy that if he couldn't use them, someone else might.
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Tony was born and raised in Sanford, NC. He loved to fish, play his guitar, and most of all he deeply loved his sister, Denise, and mother.

After graduating from Sanford High School, he worked for an electrical company, and over time he learned the trade. Tony received his license and became an inspector on Oak Island, NC where he eventually retired.

On June 30, 2020, Tony’s girlfriend found him unconscious, yet breathing on his bedroom floor. She called 911 and started CPR. The paramedics took over when they arrived, but unfortunately, they were unable to revive him.

“We were traumatized to hear about his sudden death,” said Josephine. “The word "devastation" doesn't even begin to describe the feelings of shock, loss, sadness, and pain of Tony's passing. The only good things that came out of his death are the fact that he is not in any pain and that his life-saving decision to donate is possibly helping someone right now.”

Knowing that Tony had decided to become a donor gives his mom some measure of peace about his death. “Although I already respected him, my respect was increased knowing that he was such a giving person. I just hope that whoever receives his life-giving donations will be grateful and healed,” she stated.