Donor Quilts

The quilt squares designed by donor families are woven together into a beautiful piece of art and are shared at our annual Donor Family Tributes. They may also be shown at community and state events, health fairs, public awareness campaigns and other HonorBridge functions. 

Donor families are encouraged to create quilt squares that represent their loved one. These do not have to be professionally done. This square can be as minimal or decorated as desired. When preparing your quilt square, please use the following guidelines:

  • Use a 13-inch square of fabric (Contact the Life Anew Coordinator if you would like HonorBridge to supply this to you)
  • Leave a 2-inch border around the square without design or pattern so that the panel can be attached to other squares. The finished area should be 9-inches x 9-inches.
  • Some ideas for quilts include a depiction of a favorite hobby, a religious symbol, or occupation. Families often include iron-on photographs, artwork, quotes, poems, or pieces of favorite materials such as baby blankets. Applique, embroidery and cross-stitch work best but you can also use paint or markers. Do not glue or tape anything to the fabric or use items that may fall off.
  • You may include your loved one’s name and dates of birth and death.
  • Your quilt square must be submitted with the quilt square release form.

We invite you to mail in your quilt square with the release form, and it will be added to other donor squares for next year’s donor quilt.

Donor Family Quilt Release Form